Create a kitchen that you’re happy to come home to with Trinity Supply & Installation.

Trinity Supply & Installation, Inc is a known leader for kitchen cabinet supply and installation services in Western Pennsylvania. We are a company with a single vision―supplying the best kitchen cabinets at the most affordable prices. Since 1999, we’ve worked with our partners to provide innovation and hard work to a fast-growing, constantly changing industry.

Quality. Value. Service. These are the elements that make our philosophy work. We provide our customers with a quality product, do it consistently, and do it for the lowest possible price. Then everybody wins: building professionals, homeowners, architects, engineers, and distributors.

Whether you prefer the modern appearance of slab doors or feel more at home in a traditional-looking kitchen, you’ll find the right style, color, and price from Trinity Supply & Installation. We have a large selection of glazed, painted, and natural wood cabinets, perfect for any kitchen. Everyone has a unique idea for their ideal kitchen, and we help you achieve that dream. All our kitchen cabinets have plenty of options, such as custom glass and grille choices, a drawer option,and different wood species. All these pieces allow you to make your dream kitchen a reality.

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